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Slovenia, Maribor

Matej Mom

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My name is Matej and I come from a small country Slovenia, where we love sports, nature and culture. I was on Leonardo Da Vinci (LDV) Mobility programme for 10 weeks on the lovely island of Malta, which is very similar to Slovenia. This programme was amazing experience, were I had the chance to see the beauty of the island, the historical and cultural points as well as to get to know people from all around the world. And in the 10 weeks of time they changed a bit of me.

Marco and Valentina from MVC helped me, whenever I asked them and the accommodation they found for me was just amazing and very spacious. They are truly kind, helpful and reliable persons. I had one week of English school, where I got to know some people, who then stayed friends with me for the whole experience.

Since my work was in Mosta (where is one of the biggest churches of the world) I had to take a bus every day to work. The people are so open-minded and talkative, that even as I work almost all the time alone, I was never actually alone in the office. I became a part of a good team.

On the weekends I had the time to see what I wanted, so I explored a bit the island. But in the time I stayed there, I couldn’t see everything. And Malta offers much more than you see at first time. So I decided to go back and look for a real job and have a real life adventure. To take my first big career step.


MVC - Accommodation 1

MVC - Accommodation 1

- 2 double bedrooms - 2 bathrooms (one ensuite) - wifi connection

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