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Barbara Breznik

Barbara Breznik<br />Click per ingrandire

Hello! My name is Barbara. I am from Slovenia. I was in Malta on Leonardo da Vinci Mobillity Programme for 10 weeks. That is why I met Valentina and Marco from Malta Vocational Centre. I have only good experiance with the organization and Malta. I have to say only good things for Marco and Valentina because they were really helpfull, reliable and friendly for my entire stay there. The accommodation organized by them was also great and if there was any problem they allways made a best effort to solve it. The English school they chose for us was also great with nice teachers. I met in the school a lot of people from all over the Europe. Malta is really nice place to work or spend time because of it's beautiful nature and open people. The people there are really nice and you can get to know them really easy. I like the temperament and energy of this little island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. There is also paradise for sea activities lovers. Malta has also incredible history and the cultural heritage is really rich. So many things to see and do on such a small island... I was in Malta during the winter and it was really nice weather...I can not imagine how great must be in summer. Thank you all for unque experience! I will be back soon ;)


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