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15 May 2015

Fondazzjoni Anton Buttigieg MoU

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Monday, 11 May 2015
Statement by Fondazzjoni Anton Buttigieg
Fondazzjoni Anton Buttigieg is launching another project that encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, and the employability amongst people of the first district.
The Fondazzjoni Anton Buttigieg, led by Dr Aaron Farrugia, today signed its second Memorandum of Understanding, this time with the Malta Vocational Centre; this will serve as a platform for both parties to work amongst the residents of the localities in the first electoral district in mobility projects, with the ultimate goal being to assist them to improve skills and their employability.
Through these projects, the Foundation will benefit from services to be given by people on programmes of internships, who will assist it in its daily work. Moreover, together with the Malta Vocational Centre, the Foundation will promote and offer the services of interns to entities, organisations, educational institutions, youth organisations, commercial entities, local and regional authorities, and NGOs in the first electoral district – these will all be offered free of charge. The aim is to assist these entities to continue increase their work in the localities. Above all, the parties to this agreement will work together on mobility projects with the aim of giving international experience to entities and residents of the first district. This will be done so that the Foundation widens its outreach, with the ultimate aim to improve the opportunities for people of the first district and increase work prospects for entities of the same district.
This service will be coordinated from the offices of the Fondazzjoni Anton Buttigieg in Ħamrun.
The Chairperson of the Foundation, Aaron Farrugia, expressed his desire that these projects, together with those launched earlier this year, continue to create more opportunities to those individuals who would like to widen their knowledge in order to find a new job or improve his. All this leads to a better quality of life for that individual.
Directors of the Malta Vocational Centre, Valentina Pecora and Marco Arcella, live in Malta since 8 years spent working on European training and educational processes. So, they expressed their total approval and enthusiasm for the project sealed through the MoU with Fondazzjoni Anton Buttigieg.
In this regard, they said how MVC was born in 2010, on their past experiences in the training and labour market area for young people. 
The entity has as first objective that to increase and favor integration and cultural exchanges.
It works as sending and hosting organisation which main activity is to organise training and cultural programmes in line with the European Programmes.
To do it, MVC promotes transnational and international projects based on cooperation between various players in vocational training as training bodies, vocational schools, universities, businesses, chambers of commerce, etc., in an effort to increase mobility, innovation and to improve the quality of training; and the MoU with the Fondazzjoni Anton Buttigieg exactly meets the aims and expectations.
Launched by Aaron Farrugia in 2014, the Fondazzjoni Anton Buttigieg seeks to work amongst the communities, families and people of the first district, that is Valletta, Ħamrun, Floriana, Marsa, Pieta and St Venera. Two other projects of the Foundation will be launched in the near future.

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