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 MVC Provides for the reception of the participants and accommodation in accommodation upon arrival.
Once on the island and in fact it will transfer to the next accommodation in the apartment / residence / hotel.

The accommodation (with the exception of the hotel) are equipped with home appliances and Necessary tools for self-catering and are adequately furnished.
Each participant Entitled to a bed in a double room.

In the early hours of the stay on the island, a short welcome meeting between the MVC staff and participants, Allowing a first cognitive approach and the acquisition of information on different aspects of the stay on Malta.

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Leonardo da Vinci Experience 2013 - Spanish Group

Leonardo da Vinci Experience 2013 - Spanish Group

An amazing Spanish group who had the opportunity to experience Malta in it's endeavor. They had even the opportunity to visit various places, and enjoy the Sunny days and Beaches.

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